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Jacksonville Landlord & Tenant Lawyer

Located in Jacksonville, Florida the law firm of Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A. meets the legal needs of commercial landlords throughout the country. We pride ourselves on protecting the rights and interests of commercial landlords, commercial property owners and commercial managers. Our Jacksonville landlord & tenant lawyer has significant experience in commercial real estate matters involving eviction actions, civil actions and lease negotiations.

If you have a landlord-tenant question, call the law firm of Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A. at 904-482-0616 to schedule your consultation. You can also contact us online and we will promptly contact you.

Our firm emphasizes being accessible to our clients. We believe that promptly returning phone calls, responding to time sensitive materials and being aggressive on your behalf is crucial to our successful law practice. We understand you have many responsibilities as a commercial landlord. We respond with legal services that respect your time and your desires for an effective resolution to your problems.

Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A. represents many types of commercial landlord clients who own and operate many different types of properties. We offer comprehensive landlord-tenant law services that address the various needs of landlords.

We handle eviction actions to obtain possession of the property on behalf of our clients. Our firm represents clients in civil actions when tenants have violated lease terms. Let our office draft your next lease. We also handle lease negotiations for new leases, renewed leases and lease amendments.

Contact An Experienced Jacksonville Landlord & Tenant Lawyer

Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A. looks forward to helping you! Please contact us today to schedule your consultation.

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