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Jacksonville Uncontested Divorce Lawyer

Not all divorces must be highly contested, stressful, expensive, and drag on for years.  Many couples realize that their marriage is not working and wish to move on with their lives.  They wish to end their marriage quickly and efficiently with as little stress as possible.

In a situation where both you and your spouse agree on all aspects of your divorce, it is referred to as an uncontested divorce.  However, due to the numerous facets of a divorce, many of which are highly complicated, it is not unusual for the parties to an uncontested divorce to misunderstand or inadvertently omit certain crucial elements of the divorce process that later results in expensive, stressful and time consuming litigation to correct these errors.  Also, many uncontested divorces become contested divorces once the divorce agreement is reviewed by a divorce Lawyer.

If you truly want to have an uncontested divorce, you need to work with an experienced Jacksonville uncontested divorce lawyer before you get too far into the process who will help you save time and expense by making sure the divorce agreement is done properly in the first place.

Even though you will have to pay an attorney’s fee to ensure that the divorce agreement is properly done and all relevant issues properly addressed, this is far less expensive, stressful and time consuming to go back to Court to fix the problems that were created by lack of legal advice.

Additionally, a Florida family law court may not accept your uncontested divorce agreement unless all of the documents that you file clearly state your intentions and plans.  Your paperwork must also be thorough and leave nothing up to chance. Some of the issues the Court will be looking at are: (1) have you considered your visitation agreement and how it relates to birthdays, vacations and holidays; (2) how have you addressed shared debts and assets; (3) how will your shared retirement accounts be distributed?  This list is by no means inclusive, bur serves as an example of the many issues that must be properly and fully addressed before a Court will grant your divorce.

There are many benefits to the parties who are able to dissolve their marriage through and uncontested divorce.

The three main benefits of an uncontested divorce are:

  • Time: An uncontested divorce is typically resolved much faster than a contested divorce; sometimes an uncontested divorce may be finalized in only a month or two.  Knowing that your divorce will be over and you can begin the next chapter of your life sooner rather than later is a great relief.
  • Money: In many uncontested divorces, the Court only needs to be visited once for a judge’s final approval of your divorce and the official signatures from both parties.  The fewer times that you have to go to court, the expense of your divorce will be less.
  • Energy: The basic element of an uncontested divorce is cooperation between the parties.  Approaching your divorce with this in mind may help take the stress and further arguments out of the equation.  Additionally, if there are minor children involved, a cooperative uncontested divorce will also lessen the stress on your children.

At Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A., our attorney and staff are well versed in representing parties wishing to dissolve their marriage through an uncontested divorce.

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