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Jacksonville Family Appeals Lawyer

In Northeast Florida, we are very fortunate to have highly qualified family law judges on the bench.  However, our judges are just like everyone else in that sometimes they may make a mistake in their ruling.

If you feel that the outcome of your case was unjust, we are pleased to speak with you and help you determine if pursuing an appeal of the ruling is the appropriate course of action to take.  Do not delay contacting Jacksonville family appeals lawyer, Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, P.A. for assistance with an appeal because there are short and rigid deadlines to file an appeal. In addition, certain post-order motions must be filed in certain cases and the deadline for filing these motions can be as short as ten days from the entry of the judgment.  Do not delay, contact us immediately as delay may cost you your opportunity to appeal the judgment.

Daniel M. Copeland is experienced in representing clients in the following appellate courts:

  • Florida First District Court of Appeals;
  • Florida Fifth District Court of Appeals;
  • The Florida Supreme Court;
  • The United States Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals; and
  • The United States Supreme Court.

Please note, all information contained herein is provided for general informational purposes only.  The information herein is not intended as legal advice and should not be relied upon as such. Different factual scenarios may yield different results.  In addition, several other factors must be considered in each individual case, and those factors can only be ascertained by speaking directly with an attorney.

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