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Jacksonville Quiet Title Attorney

Have you gone to sell your property only to discover there is a problem with your title? Are you worried that someone else may have an open claim to your land?

A defect in title can delay a property transaction and keep you from selling or buying property. At the Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland, we help clients with title defects bring quiet title actions to clear up the title so they can move forward with their lives.

Clear up mistakes in your chain of title. Contact our Jacksonville quiet title lawyers at 904-482-0616 to discuss your legal options.

What Does It Mean to Quiet Title?

A quiet title action is a lawsuit that establishes the rightful owner of a property. In order to transfer property, there must be a clear chain of title showing your ownership of the land. Sometimes, a mistake is discovered in this chain, such as an improperly filed deed. These mistakes often occur with foreclosed property or land passed on through probate. A quiet title suit can clear up these title issues.

A quiet title action can also be used to clear up disputes over ownership between family or neighbors. If you have a boundary dispute or concern over what part of the land is yours, a quiet title action can help you establish your rightful ownership and preserve your claim for the future.

Experienced Quiet Title and Real Estate Counsel

At our firm, we have extensive experience helping clients bring or defend quiet title lawsuits. We will diligently conduct quiet title searches and research the history of your land. By conducting detail-oriented research, our real estate attorneys will be able to give you a complete assessment of your claim and work to secure your ownership rights in court.

Contact a Jacksonville Attorney

Whether you need help to resolve a title defect due to a probate mistake or a family dispute, our Jacksonville, Florida, lawyers can help you. Contact our office at 904-482-0616 for legal advice and aggressive advocacy from our family-owned-and-operated law firm. From our Jacksonville office, we represent clients in St. Augustine, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina, Palatka, Palm Coast, Duval County and Nassau County.

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