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Jacksonville Municipal Code Enforcement Lawyer

Receiving a citation from the city for violating a municipal code can be frustrating and costly. At the Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland, we defend property owners from municipal code enforcement in Jacksonville and the surrounding Florida counties.

We will aggressively and compassionately fight your citation. Contact our Jacksonville municipal code enforcement attorneys at 904-482-0616 to discuss your legal options, rights and remedies.

Defending You From Code Violation Citations

The city of Jacksonville issues citations to enforce their zoning laws, public health codes and public safety codes. At our firm, we defend clients who have received citations or been accused of a variety of code violations involving residential real estate or commercial property, including:

  • Abandoned vehicles: Vehicles that are missing parts or are unable to start can result in a citation when left on your property.
  • Unsafe structures: Abandoned, unsound or deteriorating structures on your lot, such as rotten garage doors, roof deterioration and collapsing walls can violate zoning and public safety codes.
  • Issues inside your home: Issues with electrical wiring, plumbing or construction can lead to a citation.
  • Nuisance lots: Code Enforcement Officers cite residential who have overgrown lawns or excessive trash or debris on the property.
  • Zoning issues: Zoning and land use issues that result in a citation can range from boundary issues to improper storage or use of a boat or recreational vehicle.

After you receive a citation, we will help defend you and protect your rights as a property owner. Our attorneys can represent you in a hearing before the Special Magistrate and we will vigorously pursue a positive resolution in your case.

Contact a Zoning Codes Lawyer

Whether you need help with a municipal code dispute or other real estate issue, our firm can help. Contact our Jacksonville zoning codes attorneys to set up an appointment with our firm at 904-482-0616 today. From our Jacksonville office, we represent clients in St. Augustine, Orange Park, Ponte Vedra, Fernandina, Palatka, Palm Coast, Duval County and Nassau County.

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