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Jacksonville Contract Dispute Lawyer

We Do Not Shy Away From the Courtroom

Mediation and arbitration can be cost-effective strategies in resolving contentious legal issues. You can also save time in hashing out differences at a negotiation table instead of a courtroom. However, there are times when talking things out is not the best route to take with your dispute. You need an attorney who does not avoid litigation, but sees the value in letting a judge or jury decide.

At the Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland, we are experienced, Florida-based litigators who take every step necessary to solve our clients' problems.

Do not retain an attorney who limits their options to mediation and other forms of negotiation. Contact our Jacksonville firm at 904-482-0616.

Litigating Business and Real Estate Contract Disputes

At the Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland, we believe that litigation is the best strategy in many of the cases we handle. Litigation may be best when those involved in a bitter commercial contract dispute cannot find a middle ground; when landlords and tenants cannot move forward on lease problems; or when construction contractors need to protect their rights and need a judge to enforce a lien.

When Divorce Enters the Courtroom

Personal legal matters related to a divorce or child custody dispute are often mediated in recognition of the emotional issues. However, if an opposing side will not come to the table in good faith, a court of law is the next step to protect your rights.

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