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Jacksonville Foreclosure Defense Lawyer

Helping You Save Your Family Home

The hard work and expense you put into your family home can be undone in an instant. Financial problems through the loss of a job or medical issues can put you behind on your mortgage. Time goes on and stress builds, resulting in being served with a notice of foreclosure.

Do not delay. Secure the aggressive and compassionate representation you need from the family-owned and operated Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland. We advocate for residents of Jacksonville and those throughout Florida, helping them understand that they have options through foreclosure defense.

A foreclosure notice is not the final decision. You have time, but you must act quickly with the help of a foreclosure defense attorney. Contact us today at 904-482-0616.

A Family-Oriented Approach in Saving Your Family Home

At the Law Office of Daniel M. Copeland, we treat clients like family. There is no stronger ally when you are facing life-changing and stressful events the family. If your goal is to stay in your family home, we will pursue a strategy aimed at a loan modification or forbearance agreement. If your objective is a short sale to essentially cut your losses, we can help with that process as well.

Experienced Representation

You may feel helpless and powerless. We can help you. A seasoned foreclosure defense attorney at our firm can balance the seemingly unwieldy power a bank holds in this type of process.

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