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Jacksonville Marital Property Division Attorneys

When couples divorce in Florida, their property must be divided "equitably." While other states require a 50-50 division, "equitable" means fair in the eyes of a Florida family court judge.

The first step is to establish what is to be divided (the marital estate) versus what belongs to each person separately. Once the marital estate is established, then comes the negotiation or litigation over how to divide it.

This can be more complicated than it sounds. For example, let's say the man enjoyed career advancement or operated a business that grew during the marriage, while the woman took care of household matters and the children. The activities of the woman allowed the man to focus on career. This support is worth something, probably a great deal.

Jacksonville Marital Property Division Lawyers

Another complication involves commingling of assets. For example, say the woman owned a small business prior to the marriage or had a large bank account. If some of those assets were diverted to purchase of a marital home or other common property, forensic accounting may be needed to determine what part of the current estate can be traced back to separate property. This separate property is not part of what needs to be divided. Then, how is property to be evaluated? Market value? Book value?

At the law firm of Daniel M. Copeland, Attorney at Law, our firm utilizes forensic accountants when necessary to make the best case for you.

Dealing with real estate and equitable distribution can be complex. Our attorneys strongly consider themselves problem solvers. We utilize our experience as lawyers throughout the course of counseling and guiding clients through the process.

By examining all aspects of the situation, we are better prepared and have an increased ability to determine the best way in which to see that your rights are protected. This is important to consider when deciding on a course of action to take when seeking a resolution to the case.

Contact us for a free consultation. During this time, a member of our firm can assess your case and determine the best way in which to pursue a resolution that is in your best interests.

For help with your family law matter, contact our Jacksonville office today at 904-482-0616 to schedule an appointment at our firm. We will work to protect you and your family's rights and interests.

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